SINCE 1970

Pearl Hands is a

professional manufacture of frames for pearl.

A prototype is over 4ooo kinds.

We have a policy to make design that is never get sick, so we have over 4000 kinds of the original form. For example, ring, pendant, earing, brooch and so on.

A frame suit every pearl

We produce a frame suit every pearl from an Akoya to South pearl.

Consistent in design to product

We succeeded developing the minute metal and gradation plates, and make original products also we have consistent in OEM.

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Examination of Pearl Hands

Our company was established a manufacturing of metal product in 1970.Our main product is a frame for pearl, it use is for, ring, pendant, brooch, earing, pierces. We sell them to pearl suppliers.
Our company takes from designing to manufacturing (include apart of outsourcing), so we have a reputation of processing technology and quality of the product.
We produce original product in house development, and take in OEM of a mail-order catalog, TV shopping and so on.

We succeeded developing the minute metal and gradation plates, so we extend the market in foreign country.
Our philosophy is “Artisan-centrism”. We would like to make contribution with our high technique in the manufacturing industry of metal product, and change the conscious of artisan.

Company information

Name Pearl Hands Inc.
Senior partner Kenichi Imazawa
Establish October, 1975
Location 2456-5, Shinohara, Kai-shi, Yamanashi, 400-0115, Japan
Capital ten million
Contents manufacture of metal product
1970 Katsuhiko Imazawa who was the late head of the family was founded in Kofu city in 1970.
1973 Saikikougei Inc. that was field of manufacture was founded in 1973.
1975 Imazawa company Inc. that was field of selling was founded in 1975.
was built in Shimoishida, Kofu city.
1990 Moved to Shimizuarai Nakakomagun Showacho, Yamanashi in 1990.
1992 Change the company name to Pearl Hands Inc. in 1992.
2002 Katsuhiko Imazawa changed the chairperson who was the founder, and Kenichi Imazawa became the president in 2002.
2011 Advance into foreign markets, and start to exhibition in Korea in 2011.
2013 Move to Shinohara, Kai city in 2013.


2456-5, Shinohara, Kai-shi, Yamanashi, 400-0115, Japan
TEL. 055-279-8880
FAX. 055-279-8881
MAIL info@pearlhands.com

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We produce frames suit every pearl, so please have a look at our many frame products.

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TEL. 055-279-8880

MAIL info@pearlhands.com

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